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How do you ensure a buyer gets their property when timing, neighbourhood, minimum property size and price cap are all non-negotiable?

After a deliberate and active search process, a bid war was won to secure this well kept property in the highly desirable area near Wychwood Barns.

This buyer's property search included a couple of common house hunt challenges. For a blended family, finding an appropriately sized property can be especially difficult since needs vary dramatically on any given day of the week. In this case, the house had to fit the whole family of seven comfortably, while not being too large for the days when only the adults inhabit the house.

Another aspect this house hunt addressed was typology versus neighbourhood. An inevitable compromise is built into a property search when the property type that is the clear preference is nowhere to be found in the area of choice. In this case, the preference was for the classic, tall and gracious Victorian, while Wychwood area houses tend not to be Victorian. In the end, these buyers chose neighbourhood over house typology, which in most cases, is the best way to go.