Tempted to Equity Up?

The challenge of a move-up buy based on home equity as opposed to improved income = the dream of having a home that suits your current life better, while not spending much more to get it. With such opposing interests at play it's no wonder your search feels like it's against all odds.

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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

Sure ask price is irrelevant, that's been the case for a long time now. But now, market value is too. Oh and stated offer night. And number of offers. And comparables. And...

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What Real Estate Investing in Toronto is NOT

Since investment opportunities are locally specific in an ever shifting market, many of the age old rules simply don't apply to Toronto investing today. If you're entertaining an investment property, it may help to break down the more common assumptions before you begin.

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Your Comfort Zone Versus Your Safety Zone

The home buyer today seeks long term safety at the expense of current comfort. So if feeling at all comfortable is what you're after in a process that is highly competitive and bound to cost you more than you had hoped, you're best to stay home. 

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5 Reflections for Buyers

Admittedly based on Popova's reflections, here are 5 parallel thoughts I stand by for buyers. This goes out to them, to keep in their back pockets, as they attempt to navigate Toronto's highly competitive and often confusing market. 

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The Long Game of Excellence

As a Realtor, I see myself at a cross roads in every deal. I’m smack dab at the intersection of the market and a person’s major life choice.

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