Sticky Labels

I got a call last week from a Realtor. Actually, I received an unsolicited spam pitch from a terrible Realtor. I’ve never heard of him before, yet he dubbed himself the neighbourhood specialist, of my neighbourhood, and proceeded to rhyme off why it is such a great time to sell.

Many say, anyone can be a Realtor. Some go so far to say, the only reason not to be a Realtor is if you plan to keep your self-respect and take a stand against being a thief who’ll say anything to get a commission. 

This is a shame. It is a mistake to not take the time to discern the good from the bad. The thing is, as Seth Godin points out, “everything worth doing can also be done poorly, immorally, and inefficiently by someone. But that doesn’t change the fact that the very same thing done right is worth doing.”

The trick is to notice people by how they do what they do, not by what they call themselves. The more we work with the approach we admire, the less likely the selfish will be able to take advantage of our labelling errors.

Engaging the right realtor at the right time can transform a move, your move, your world at an intensely pressured time. So the next time you assume the ‘Realtor’ category is filled with sleazy salespeople like the one who phoned me the other day, think again. You could instead choose to work with a Realtor like me and discover first hand that that is most definitely not the case.