Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

For those of you who actually read my blog ... you may have noticed that I've been missing in action recently.

May I go ahead and blame that on the market too?

Seriously though, when in the trenches of an all out assault on housing in this city, it's been tough for me, if not impossible, to back away long and far enough to reflect and write with any sort of coherence about what is happening.

In a nutshell?

Sure ask price is irrelevant, that's been the case for a long time now. But now, market value is too. Oh and stated offer night. And number of offers. And comparables. And...

I do plan to return to writing. There's certainly plenty to say and more than a few false assumptions to address in this fluid, ever shifting market.

Looking forward to coming back up for air...

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this: an image from a bonafide listing on the market right now that will sell for well over a million. The listing agent thought this was an important, revealing shot of the property, I guess? This seriously made the marketing cut. 

I hope this serves as a reminder. With 40,000 realtors in town to choose from, why not hire a good one?