Demos, Lots and Dives

It was banner week last week for those looking to build anew in central Toronto.

A sizeable, square, vacant lot allowing for parking became available in the Annex. Including schematic architectural plans with prior approval from the committee of adjustment, it is priced just high enough to have builders hesitate and homeowners have a chance to build their million dollar dream home that the market prices for the neighbourhood already support.

Then there is the large, detached teardown in the Dovercourt Wallace Emmerson area just off of Ossington. Priced in the mid fives, it is sure to garner many a bidder for their chance to gut or tear down completely.

The detached, with abandoned renovation on Brunswick that had the neighbourhood in a flap last week ended up selling in multiples for 32% over ask!

photo 1-3.JPG

The boxy detached on Borden south of Harbord, on a large 26 x 132 lot, had me envisioning a modernist box to the studs renovation or tear down. This impressive and beautifully sited lot begs the question, how much is a large, conforming shaped lot with 2 car parking from a laneway worth in the University neighbourhood? The answer to that today is over $1.6 million.