Marketing Systems Be Damned ... Why A Customized Marketing Approach Is A Much Better Proposition.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one size fits all strategy that could be used to market your property to potential buyers? You could just plug some pictures into a template, send out a mass mailing to an email list and then have a nap while your ‘marketing’ continues on auto-pilot. We’ve been in a seller’s market for as long as most of us can remember, so your property will likely just sell itself in a couple of days without marketing anyway, right? I’m sure there are many a seller and even realtors who think that is how it now works. I’ve observed something very different.


Every property commands its own marketing material, just as every property connects with its buyer for different reasons. How does the property compare with others in the neighbourhood; what are its unique features that stand out; what are some potential sticking points; who are the most likely buyers who should be targeted; what is the best way to connect with them? Recognizing the unique course of action for marketing your property is part of your realtor’s job, so if a realtor you meet shows you their tried-and-true-one-stop-marketing-systeminator, consider a second opinion. It takes homework, site specific understanding, an investment in time, and a dash of inspiration to get the right mix.


Think of it as a marketing ACE. Accurate information, Compelling copy, and Enticing photography form real estate marketing’s Holy Trinity. You have to get these three points solid first, as they support any of your other marketing efforts. Accurate information including measured drawings, square footage, heating system details, school district, are used by the buyer to rationalize what they’re considering. Although we buy with our right brain, our left brain demands access to accurate details in order to support what the right brain is considering. 

Compelling copy refers to the carefully selected words used to describe what you’re selling.  The words we use are significant, or at least that’s what a ‘hot, trendy realtor told me while cooking in her charming, stunning, gourmet-like kitchen with cathedral-like ceilings.’ Precise language can lead to profits when it attracts potential buyers without leading to disappointment during their follow up visit. 

Enticing photography forms your very first impression and what they say about first impressions applies here no less. You have one chance to get this right. So often we see this used for documentation purposes only…here is the bathroom, here is the laundry tub…but connecting with the buyer emotionally is so much more important at this stage of the game. Also, don’t accept your realtor’s own photographs, have them hire a professional. You wouldn’t hire your accountant to do your millwork.


Once you’ve worshipped the Holy Trinity, it is time to expand your creative options. If you are selling a souped up penthouse condo, would a lifestyle video grab an upwardly mobile’s attention? If you are near that coveted school district, could timely open houses at school time toing and froing be just the ticket? How about a neighbourhood mailing for the move up property that everyone within an 8 block radius covets? The specific course of action for your property takes consideration.

Back in 1980, The S.O.S. band preached the value of ‘Take your time, do it right’. It turns out they’re still right about that. Cue music: