The Risk and Power of Being Sincere in Real Estate

Transparent. Friendly. Real. Human. Legit.

I believe every transaction, at its heart, should be rooted in that approach. Sincerity has power I find, for two main reasons: everyone actually appreciates it, whether they value it enough to work with it or not; and when people receive it at a time when they least expect it, they are utterly disarmed. Every time. 

Sure, I'm in a business filled with B.S., with posturing, with exaggeration. For my clients' sake, I can't trust what the other side is saying, relying on my own due diligence instead. I encounter bold face lies and bullying approaches more often than most because of my work. 'How can you work in this, Susan?' I've been asked more than a few times. The truth is, I'm completely at ease with it, being a dolphin among sharks. My reason, you may find surprising: it is powerful.

Being incredibly professional AND being sincere with everyone involved in a transaction is just natural business evolution, as I see it. Of course some people will lay judgement: I'm too soft, too kind, too empathetic to the 'opposing' team to be capable of sitting in the power seat. The long help assumption that you can't be powerful and kind remains deeply held for most. But with my vibe, I'm finding my tribe, and they're directly benefitting from my uncharacteristically patient, thoughtful, considerate approach.

So, to tell you the truth: I love it when people feel safe enough to lay it on the table, tears and all. I love an astrologically supported document signing. Go ahead, judge. I love it best when both sides are genuinely happy with the outcome of a deal. I love it when people are drawn to a house when it makes no sense and feels so right. I get that this isn't normal. I'm sincerely okay with that.