Start, Stop ... Now Go!

That is the typical pace of buying, if there is such a thing. First, you begin at the fun beginning, likely with some MLS exploration, but then in truth, you have to stop that. To truly make a move, there is much to do before you find the one. Especially if you're selling to buy.

You may not be in a rush for your future move, but at some point in the process, it may well feel as though you're racing. What if you found THE ONE tomorrow and they weren’t holding back offers? Would you be ready to buy? If the answer is no, then what would hold you back? Whatever it may be, address it now, tomorrow and the next day to get things wrapped up first. (for most people who will be borrowing, financing is the question that requires addressing)

Finding an authentic match in this slim inventory market we're in is a rare and special thing. You want to be the first in and best dressed once you spot it.  For that you have to be ready. Toronto real estate can be fast paced and often is. Here is a three point list to get things started before you find the one that makes you want to back flip. 

Become clear on what you can afford or have a clear limit of what you want to spend. This is the essential first step to any search that will involve a lender. 

  • get a reliable market snapshot of your current property if you have one
  • contact your lender to get clear on your comfortable borrowing amount 

Find a Realtor who you trust and begin working together.

  • Let them know what you want most in a Realtor. If they care, as I would, they'll customize their approach to match your priorities.

Begin getting your home ready for sale. 

  • de-clutter more than you think you should
  • fix the fixes and consult my thorough post on prep here: property preparation

Once you have a sense of your number range and who you're working with, keep your eyes peeled and get ready to pounce!