Tempted to Equity Up?

The challenge of a move-up buy based on home equity as opposed to improved income = the dream of having a home that suits your current life better, while not spending much more to get it. With such opposing interests at play it's no wonder your search feels like it's against all odds.

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Your Comfort Zone Versus Your Safety Zone

The home buyer today seeks long term safety at the expense of current comfort. So if feeling at all comfortable is what you're after in a process that is highly competitive and bound to cost you more than you had hoped, you're best to stay home. 

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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

If any change you're intentional about making begins first in your brain, you've already begun your move if you're curious enough about moving to be reading this ... See how easy it was to get started?!

Seriously though, as you mull over the changes your future could entail should you embark on a move, a guide to what you're in for can be a very helpful thing. Sure, there is no tried and true recipe to follow for a move. The only certainty is that yours will not match another's. So instead of a recipe, here is a 5 step guide that follows the flow of moving from ending where you currently are - through the in between - to your eventual new beginning. This is a guide to any sort of change process in fact, but that lends itself particularly well to the changes faced when moving. 

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The Beauty of Special Orders

She hired me because she appreciated my utter commitment to the process - make that HER process. She had a hunch that my diligent, patient and empathetic handling of her move was a rare thing to find. As I intuited my way to help her daily, distilling her next best steps, she was repeatedly reminded that she had made the right choice.

Perhaps you didn’t know that your real estate deal could be special ordered? Well ... you do now. 

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