The Risk and Power of Being Sincere in Real Estate

Transparent. Friendly. Real. Human. Legit.

I believe every transaction, at its heart, should be rooted in that approach. Sincerity has power I find, for two main reasons: everyone actually appreciates it, whether they value it enough to work with it or not; and when people receive it at a time when they least expect it, they are utterly disarmed. Every time. 

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Sticky Labels

I got a call last week from a Realtor. Actually, I received an unsolicited spam pitch from a terrible Realtor. I’ve never heard of him before, yet he dubbed himself the neighbourhood specialist, of my neighbourhood, and proceeded to rhyme off why it is such a great time to sell.

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To What End?

There will always be two ends of the market. There’s the race to the bottom, based on efficiency at all costs, that says, “we do what they do, but cheaper.” 

The other end offers you even more than you knew to want, because of the ideas embodied and the sustained effort taken to see those ideas through.

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