The Logic Behind A 1.7 Million Dollar Semi

It used to be that properties had a fairly tight value range based on location, lot, type, and size. Starting out, I remember being soooooooo rookie chagrined to learn that things like quality of light, space, flow and material choices had relatively little impact on price. Quality just wasn't quantifiable enough to count, I guess?

Mostly yes. Ugh.

But recent sales indicate a shift.

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Your Comfort Zone Versus Your Safety Zone

The home buyer today seeks long term safety at the expense of current comfort. So if feeling at all comfortable is what you're after in a process that is highly competitive and bound to cost you more than you had hoped, you're best to stay home. 

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A Market That's Out Of Time

I don't think it is only heightened demand that is causing the incredible velocity of the Toronto market. I think the real estate profession itself has everything to do with the pace we're now experiencing and so in a way, I do blame the profession itself. 

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