The Art and Craft of Selling a Unique Property to Today's Market

The art and craft of selling a unique property in Toronto is as different as the property itself.

The task of selling conforming properties in a seller’s market by comparison, is straight forward. A traditional three bed, 2 bath semi, Victorian in the University area has a built in market ready and waiting. Because of its very ubiquity, many buyers are actively looking for just that. And so the week long selling process begins. Present to market, price conservatively, hold back offers for one week, have multiple bids thanks to built up pool of and voila - sold over ask in under one week.

But what if your property stands out from the 'norm'? The selling process can be and likely will be different and in Toronto. If your property has fewer than three beds, isn't made of brick, doesn't have parking, doesn't have street frontage, is without a basement, it is wise to assume that it is outside a Toronto buyer's regular search parameters.

This is not to say a buyer would not ultimately love such a property more than any other. From my own experience, when my home search began, after going through my laundry list of wants, I had actually offered on a property that fit the traditional bill to a T. As that offer was in play, I happened upon my current home, a very unique property that had been on the market for months. I was unequivocally certain that this was my future home as soon as I spotted it. Yet it was unlike everything I had described to my Realtor. That was 20 years ago. I still live in that home, perfect for me as it is. I didn't know to seek such a property for one simple reason: I didn't know that it existed.

Hence the unique process that your unique property will require when you can't assume a ready and waiting market. It deserves the extra time, care and strategy to find the buyer who will recognize and appreciate its intrinsic value while offering top dollar for it.

That is the difference a conscientious and customized selling approach provides, which is what I offer to you.