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How does a buyer know for certain when they've found 'the one' when it comes to a condo in a city that is unfamiliar?

 These buyers did their homework. Relocating from out of town, they visited repeatedly over months and chose a different neighbourhood to stay in each time. They then defined their minimum square footage needs, best possible layout, building priorities and budget. By taking their time while actively doing their homework, they were unequivocal when they zoomed into this match at the Boot.  

In the Buyer’s Words:

“When I first decided to buy in Toronto, I contacted all the realtors downtown. And no one called me back. After a month of this I finally spoke to two or three real, live Realtors, but they seemed to have zero interest in selling me a condo. Being from New York, I wanted something right downtown, wasn't afraid of a little grunge or an older building, and wanted all sorts of information before I put in an offer.

Friends finally put me in contact with Susan Delean. Finally - someone who got it!

She's a pleasure to deal with, is not afraid of digging into the data (StreetEasy has me spoiled) and has the eye of an architect. She took the time to figure out what it was I was looking for, helped me find properties that were a great match for me, and walked me through a buying process that was ever-so-slightly different than in the US.

Working with Susan meant I had a trusted advisor who knows the market, knows the city, and took the time to sort out what I was looking for. She helped me make a great - and informed - decision.”