How do you gain access to the inside world of new construction sales? 

Union Lofts, which was then rebranded as Arch Lofts, was a 40 unit Church conversion located at the corner of Perth and Wallace.

As the Sales Director for Paul Johnston of Unique Urban Homes, I represented on-site sales for the 9 months the sales centre was open. I learned first hand the inside scoop of new construction sales with the support of this city's new construction sales leader. Because of my experience on the sell side, I am well aware of the potential caveats of such a purchase. 

Purchasing a plan on paper from a developer is one of the riskiest types of real estate purchases you can make. It also involves a very different purchase and sale process than a traditional re-sale property. Be sure to have an advocate who knows what to look for on your side when considering pre-construction.