The Beauty of Hard Choices

One of the aspects I love most about my job is not what you may think. Trained as an architect, it would be fair to assume that visiting the inner workings of so many properties in the city would be a favourite part of my job. While there is no doubt I enjoy property inspections and make time for them daily, there is a part of every real estate transaction that I respect much more. 

Many of the choices faced in real estate are not clear cut. Beyond the easy questions about numbers with straight forward plus or minus answers, lies a much more nuanced process of considering choices that are perfectly on par. Bearing witness and playing a supporting role to those navigating these ‘hard’ choices, the kind that question our essential values, is without a doubt the most rewarding aspect of my work. 

There is a time in every person’s real estate journey when their approach will no longer tolerate the hesitation associated with fear or I-wish-it-were-so thinking. At this point, looking for validation from out there; a guru, a trend, a graph; ceases to have relevance. At this point, deeply held values and priorities are addressed, head on, pulling us out of a passive path and daring us to take action toward something new.


When our moves are supported by the power of reasons created by us rather than dictated to us, a whole new kind of space evolves. Within this space, we have the precious opportunity to move closer to the distinctive people we are. Only the brave and discerning ones will dare to put themselves out there to say ‘this is where I stand’. I admire that bravery, respect its making, and am humbled to be a part of it. Every time.