A Manifesto For Move Up Buyers

Move up buyers are their own special breed of buyer. Unlike their bright eyed and innocent sibling -the first time buyer - they come with the real estate baggage more akin to a middle child. Lost bids, duplicitous agents, unexpected banking fine print, nightmare closings, it only takes one previous real estate deal gone bad to give these buyers a dark and tarnished lens on all real estate, forever.

Even if everything was smooth sailing in past real estate experiences, the assumption that things will necessarily take a similar form is a falacy too. The good news? That real estate lens can be changed by choice. (And if it is not serving you well, it probably should be as you enter the market again.) That choice alone will put you in greater stead. Here are more five points to keep in mind:


This is a guarantee - when you find a property worth moving for, you'll have other deadlines and distractions demanding your attention. If you're waiting for a great opportunity at the perfect time for you, you'll probably be waiting forever. It will be tough to give your move the focus it deserves within the 24 hours you'll be granted to make decisions. 

Give it anyway. (and any amount of attention you give it well before that moment is well worth it)


Air on the side of saying too much to those who are on your team. You'll receive the best representation when your representative truly knows what you think, what you care about and what your limits are. If you are speaking to someone else in your life more than your rep, question why. Would it not be more worthwhile to confide instead in the one who is on the front lines of getting you what you want? Letting them know unabashedly how important this is to you will only serve to ignite their efforts on your behalf.

This is one of the few times when letting it all out is a good thing. Use the opportunity. You may even enjoy it.


There are many possible solutions to any given problem, even in real estate. If your long held assumptions are holding you in place, question them. If age old advice sounds off to you, question that too. Keep questioning until you find the answers that truly make sense to you.

No one is right all of the time - not even you and not even your realtor :-)


At a certain point, perhaps at the last possible moment when you're stretched beyond your perceived limit, your tendency will be to question everyone's intent - the seller's, the other agent's, even your own agent's. Your sense of things in such high stake moments is highly unreliable so do yourself a favour in advance and choose not to rely on it. Rely instead on your initial un-pressured instincts when you signed on with the people and property you're working on.

Trust your instincts, except when you're stressed to the limit, which then makes you the last person qualified make good choices for yourself. In that moment, could you lean on a trusted other?


Mostly, you'll be doing things that you haven't done in a long time if ever before, so don't be surprised when you're surprised. The market is surprising even to those immersed in it every day, negotiations often have curve balls, sellers can be fickle, emotions and ego tend to entangle. Let go of thinking that you know the road ahead based on your last experience because it is impossible that you do. It is highly unlikely for any two deals to play out the same way. The only unsurprising thing you can count on is the next small step you'll take based on the information you currently have.

Focus on what you can control which is your next step, and let the rest surprise you.